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Combat, Strength & Recovery Gym In Mordialloc

About US

Rarebreed is a facility that provides an all-inclusive environment that inspires our community to achieve their health and fitness goals. Guided by professionals, we encourage our members to evoke self-empowerment and gain courage and progress towards health and wellbeing. We promise to hold our member accountable to their goals. Together, we achieve the end result.

We are Rarebreed.   

Boxing Beginners

We believe boxing is for everyone and very important to hone one’s skills in the right environment. Our beginner boxing classes will take you through all basic fundamentals, and nurturing skills in a controlled, safe environment. Practice is key to your progress, and at Rarebreed, progress is rewarded by merit. Before you know it, your transition to the next level will be seamless. 

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Hybrid Classes

This is a full-body, functional and boxing fitness class - no experience needed. Our Rarebreed trainers will guide you through various functional and boxing workouts, designed to get the body moving and heart pumping. This class is perfect for all levels of fitness, looking to build lean muscle and that ultimate calorie burn.  

Boxing Advance

Rarebreed advanced level boxing gives those with experience the opportunity, to come work with our expert fight coaches, sharpening skills and broadening their knowledge in the sweet science of boxing. Whether boxing is a personal passion, or you want to be a fighter; this is the class for you. 

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Strength Classes

Rarebreed strength classes are a result’s based, programmed to build strength and gain muscle. This training revolves around all major lifts and compound movements. Your progress will be monitored and altered with every improvement you make to achieve your elite physique.  


At Rarebreeed we know your recovery is essential, come and enjoy a relaxing hot stone sauna, magnesium hot spa, magnesium ice spa or relax on recliners with our compression boots, overlooking the gym or winding down watching tv.  

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Your Trainers

razer ray boxing trainer

Ray dimachki

Ray Dimachki brings a wealth of knowledge in the fight game, he has been competing for 20 years competing as a professional in K1, Kickboxing & Boxing.

Holding prestigious titles in all three disciplines Ray knows what it takes to be the ultimate fighter. He has trained all around the world at some of the best facility’s with the most elite athletes. Outside of combat sports Ray is a devoted family man and has competed in basketball & football his whole life. He has great knowledge and interest & knows what it takes to achieve goals on the highest level both mentally, emotionally & physically.

He brings a hard but safe style of training where he expects nothing but 100%!!

gwayne boxing trainer

Gwayne Grech

Gwayne has been competing for over 13 years in different combat sports such as Kickboxing , K1, MMA, jiu-jitsu & boxing. Having had 30 fights across all disciplines &

He is a former professional boxer in his home country of South Africa and ranked 10th in his division. After competing he developed a passion to teach the art of boxing & help others find happiness in the sport and feel good about themselves.He has worked with all levels, from beginner through to professional & has the ability transform anyone into the person they want to be.

With his help, you too can have success in a league of your own.


Level 1 - Elite

All Inclusive

$69   / PER WEEK

  • Boxing
  • Strength
  • Recovery

Level 2 - Warrior

Select One Offering

$49   / PER WEEK

  • Boxing
  • Strength
  • Recovery

Single Pass

One Time Visit

$29   / PER VISIT

  • Boxing
  • Strength
  • Recovery

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